[Tim Putnam]


Profession: Design Historian

Date of birth: 10 August 1946
Place of birth: Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Interviewer: Sonia Ashmore
Location: Victoria & Albert Museum, London

Professor Tim Putnam (b. Boston, Massachusetts, 1946) studied cultural history at Wesleyan University, then South Asian History at SOAS, before conducting research there on industrial policy in British India. When barred from research in India, he taught historical studies at Middlesex Polytechnic, still influenced by South Asia’s fragmentary and contested historiography, and its need for multi-disciplinary collaboration that exploited diverse sources.

Tim’s interests have focused on design and the material cultures of production and consumption, re-reading industrial archaeology (MSc Ironbridge, 1983–6) as vernacular design processes linking forms of making and use, and exploiting social history, ethnology, cultural studies and the sociology of taste in multi-dimensional research on home-making. His research has been supported by the Royal Ordnance, the V&A, Arts Council of Great Britain, Department for Education and the European Commission Media Programme.

He joined Bridget Wilkins’ project for an MA in History of Design for design educators, leading the resulting course between 1980 and 1995. He has since led and examined MA courses in arts and cultural resource management, inclusive arts practice, cultural planning, creative enterprise and multimedia content development.

At Middlesex University, he was Reader, then Professor of History of Material Culture, becoming Director of Research, then Dean of Humanities, before taking responsibility for regional creative industry partnerships. He subsequently joined the University of Portsmouth in 1999 as Professorial Director of Research in Art, Design and Media, retiring in 2007.

A founding member of the Journal of Design History, he chaired its Editorial Board from 2001 until 2011.

30 October, 2008
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Friday 24 Apr 2009
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Journal Editorships
Journal of Design History (Oxford University Press) 1987–2011, Chair 2001–2011
Material Culture (Middlesex University Press) 1995–99
BLOCK (Middlesex University) 1980–89
Futures (London: Routledge, with the Arts Council) 1992–96

[Co-curator with Charles Newton, V&A] Household Choices: Design in Domestic Culture, Victoria and Albert Museum (1990); extended into a travelling exhibition programme (1992–94)