[Sara Radstone]

Profession: Ceramicist

Date of birth: 27 November 1955
Place of birth: London

Interviewer: Linda Sandino
Location: SRs home in Greenwich, South London

Sara Radstone is a ceramicist who studied at Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts in 1976-79, after completing her foundation course at Hereford College of Art and Design. Among several awards, she was the recipient of an Arts Foundation Fellowship. Her work is represented in various museum collections including the V&A, the Contemporary Art Society, the Robert and Lisa Sainsbury Collection, University of East Anglia, Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park, Japan, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and Arizona State University Art Museum. She is also an experienced teacher and lecturer.

Please click on the numbered tracks in order to access a summary of the contents of each track. Where available, and with consent of the participant, tracks are accompanied by relevant images, and audio extracts, the contents of which are highlighted in the accompanying summary. If you wish to listen to the complete interview please contact [viva] to make an appointment.

The extracts have been selected by Linda Sandino with the consent of Sara Radstone.

13 October 2005
[Radstone Track 1]
[Radstone Track 2]
[Radstone Track 3]
[Radstone Track 4]
[Radstone Track 5] with audio extract about the experience of working at the Behm porcelain factory

2 November 2005
[Radstone Track 6]
[Radstone Track 7] with audio extract about art school experiences at Hereford and Camberwell; and on the (mis)use of the term organic about her work
[Radstone Track 8]
[Radstone Track 9]
[Radstone Track 10]
[Radstone Track 11]
[Radstone Track 12] with image of Residiuum

15 November 2005
[Radstone Track 13]
[Radstone Track 14] with audio extracts about methods, about surfaces, and on the affect of the work of Cy Twombly; and image of Palimpsest
[Radstone Track 15] with image of SR's studio
[Radstone Track 16]
[Radstone Track 17]
[Radstone Track 18]

1 February 2006
[Radstone Track 19] with complete audio track about the affect of the work of Eva Hesse; and image of Shroud.

End of recording

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