[Peter Kindersley]

Profession: publisher and entrepreneur

Date of birth: 13 July, 1941
Place of birth: Godmanstow, Dorset

Interviewer: Linda Sandino
Location: Kindersley London home in Kennington

Peter Kindersley was the co-founder in 1974 of Dorling Kindersley, one of the most successful and innovative publishers of illustrated reference books and travel guides. Peter studied painting and lithography at Camberwell College of Arts and Crafts from 1960 to 1963, where he met his future wife, the painter Juliet Kindersley. Following the landmark sale of Dorling Kindersley in 2000, Peter has devoted his energies to organic farming and active support of ethical ecologies. He is the son of the type designer and letter-cutter artist, David Kindersley (1915-1995), who studied with Eric Gill, and brother of Richard Kindersley, carver and architectural letterer.

The audio extracts are taken from an eight and a half hour interview recorded over several months as indicated below. The interviewer was Linda Sandino, who has also selected the extracts with the consent of Peter Kindersley.

Please click on the numbered tracks in order to access a summary of the contents of each track. The content of the audio extract is highlighted within the summary. If you wish to listen to the complete interview please contact [viva] to make an appointment.

7 December 2006
[PKindersley Track 1]
[PKindersley Track 2]
[PKindersley Track 3]
[PKindersley Track 4]
[PKindersley Track 5]

13 December 2007
[PKindersley Track 6]
[PKindersley Track 7] with audio extract about ethical values, and on being an art student at Camberwell
[PKindersley Track 8] with audio extract about teachers at Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts, and about David Kindersley's letter spacing concept; and job as 'studio boy'
[PKindersley Track 9] with audio extract about early years in publishing and increasing interest in illustrative diagrams
[PKindersley Track 10] with audio extract about Dorling Kindersley's distribution system.

9 May 2007
[PKindersley Track 11]
[PKindersley Track 12]
[PKindersley Track 13] with audio extract about the publishing activities of Dorling Kindersley
[PKindersley Track 14]
[PKindersley Track 15]
[PKindersley Track 16]

27 September 2007
[PKindersley Track 17]
[PKindersley Track 18] with audio extract about Sheepdrove Organic Farm
[PKindersley Track 19]
[PKindersley Track 20]

End of recording

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