[Juliet Kindersley]

Profession: Painter

Date of birth: 11 May 1940
Place of birth: Bookham, Surrey

Interviewer: Linda Sandino
Location: Kindersley’s London home.

Juliet Kindersley is a painter who first studied at Winchester College of Art in 1958, after which she attended Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts in 1960 to 1963, before going on to further studies at the Royal Academy Schools in 1963.

She has continued to paint as well as undertaking decorative artwork for her home and the ecological Kindersley Centre at Sheepdrove Farm, set up with her husband Peter Kindersley whom she first met when they were both students at Camberwell. In 1974 they launched the publishing firm Dorling Kindersley from their sitting room which went on to become a global success story. As well reflecting on this part of her life, Juliet’s interview provides a vivid picture of being taught by Frank Auerbach and Euan Uglow. As one of the latter's favourite life models, she appears in several of his paintings.

The audio extracts are taken from a six hour interview conducted by Linda Sandino, over three sessions as indicated below, in the Kindersley's London home.

Please click on the numbered tracks in order to access a summary of the contents of each track. Where available, and with consent of the participant, tracks are accompanied by relevant images, and audio extracts, the contents of which are highlighted in the accompanying summary. Extracts have been selected by Linda Sandino. If you wish to listen to the complete interview please contact [viva] to make an appointment.

Images are reproduced by kind permission of Juliet Kindersley, and The Cork Stree Gallery.

2 June 2005
[JKindersley Track 1]
[JKindersley Track 2] with image of Still Life, Woodcutt, 1961
[JKindersley Track 3] with extract about discovering a talent for art
[JKindersley Track 4] with audio extract about going to Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts in the early 1960s
[JKindersley Track 5] with Self-portrait, 1963, and audio extracts about being taught by Frank Auerbach and Euan Uglow at Camberwell
[JKindersley Track 6] with image of Kennington Park, 1993-4.

14 July 2005
[JKindersley Track 7] with audio extract about painting portraits, and studying at The Royal Academy Schools in the mid-1960s
[JKindersley Track 8] continuing with audio extract about painting and The Royal Academy Schools
[JKindersley Track 9] with portrait of Peter Kindersley, 1988
[JKindersley Track 10]

19 October 2005
[JKindersley Track 11] with image of Turning Figures, 1964
[JKindersley Track 12] [JKindersley Track 13] with portrait Peter Meditating, 1992
[JKindersley Track 14] with image of Interior, Sheepdrove, 1988
[JKindersley Track 15] with Self-portrait with Painting, 1980, and audio extract reflecting on the past, about Sheepdrove organic farm, and JK's activism.

End of recording.

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