Participants in the oral history project represent a range of experiences and reflections on living and working in the arts and creative industries. At present all the [VIVA] interviews are conducted by Dr Linda Sandino, Senior Research Fellow at Camberwell College of Arts, University of the Arts London.

Please click on individual’s names in order to access details and extracts of the interview which have been prepared by Linda Sandino with consent of the participants.

arrow Guy Brett (b. 1942), Exhibition Curator and writer.

arrow Aziz Cami (b.1950) Designer, Director of The Partners.

arrow Peter Collingwood (1923-2008) Master Weaver.

arrow Juliet Kindersley (b.1940) Painter, and organic activist.

arrow Peter Kindersley (b.1941) Publisher, entrepreneur, organic activist.

arrow Alex Maranzano (b.1943) Designer, Chairman, Minale Tattersfield.

arrow Sara Radstone (b. 1955) Ceramicist.

[Design History Society Project]

Currently, the Design History Society Oral History project interviewers are Dr. Harriet Atkinson, Dr. Sonia Ashmore and J C Kristensen. Briony Salton conducted the first two recordings for the project. For their details and those of the rest of the team working on the [VIVA] and DHS project, please click team.

Audio extracts have been selected by J C Kristensen and Dr Linda Sandino with the consent of the participants.

arrow Tim Benton (b. 1945) Architectural Historian

arrow Alan Crawford (b. 1943) Historian and Writer.

arrow Adrian Forty (b. 1948) Architectural Historian.

arrow Gillian Naylor (b. 1931) Design Historian.

arrow Penny Sparke (b. 1948) Design Historian.

arrow Bridget Wilkins (b.1943) Design Historian

arrow John Styles (b.1949) Design Historian

arrow Jonathan Woodham (b. 1950) Design Historian.

arrow Jeremy Aynsley (b. 1955) Design Historian

arrow Tim Putnam (b. 1946) Design Historian

arrow Flavia Swann (b. 1944) Design Historian

[VIVA] is a work-in-progress and future recordings will be available on this site in accordance with the interviewee’s Clearance and Deposit Instructions [Context].

Copyright is held by the University of the Arts London, and the Design History Society.