[Gillian Naylor]


Profession: Design historian

Date of birth: 14 August 1931
Place of birth: Sheffield, Yorkshire

Interviewer: Briony Salton
Location of recording: Gillian Naylor’s Home, Hove, Sussex

Gillian Naylor is a Professor of the Royal College of Art where she taught for 25 years until her retirement in 1996, and was a key member of the teaching and research staff on the Royal College of Art/V&A Museum History of Design MA where she taught generations of design historians. After studying Modern Languages at Oxford, she worked as a features writer and editor for Design magazine at the CoID, later the Design Council, where she met key figures in the world of design. She subsequently began her career teaching art and design students about the history of design. Her publications on the Arts and Crafts movement, on the Bauhaus, on William Morris, and on the Bloomsbury group artists have become standard texts for students of design history. In 1997 she delivered the Reyner Banham Memorial Lecture at the V&A, ‘Theory and Design: The Banham Factor’. She is a Patron of the Design History Society.

Extracts have been selected by Linda Sandino with the consent of Gillian Naylor.

28 February 2007
[Naylor Track 1]
[Naylor Track 2]
[Naylor Track 3]
[Naylor Track 4]
[Naylor Track 5]

17 March 2007
[Naylor Track 6] audio extract about the Utility Scheme and wartime restrictions.
[Naylor Track 7]
[Naylor Track 8]
[Naylor Track 9] with audio extract about working at Design magazine in the late 1950s.

28 March 2007
[Naylor Track 10] with further audio extracts about good design at Design magazine and the Design Council/CoID,, and the beginnings of GN’s interest in the history of design.
[Naylor Track 11] with audio extract about the impact of the Summerson Report on art and design education.
[Naylor Track 12]*

4 April 2007
[Naylor Track 13] with audio extract about the student activisim in the 1960s, and the tensions between Art History and Design History.

18th April 2007
[Naylor Track 14]
[Naylor Track 15]
[Naylor Track 16]

3rd May 2007
[Naylor Track 17]*
[Naylor Track 18]*

11th May 2007
[Naylor Track 19]* with audio extract about the evolution of the craft course at the Royal College of Art History of Design MA.
[Naylor Track 20]

18th May 2007
[Naylor Track 21] with audio extract about tutorials at the Royal College of Art; and about research at the Bauhaus archive in East Germany.
[Naylor Track 22]

14th July 2007
[Naylor Track 23]
[Naylor Track 24] with audio extract about owning kitsch ornaments.

End of interview

* indicates access restrictions have been imposed on whole, or parts of the recording.

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