[Bridget Wilkins]


Profession: Writer, designer, and design historian

Date of birth: 9 April 1943
Place of birth: Crowborough, East Sussex, UK

Interviewer: Sonia Ashmore
Location of recording: Interviewee’s home, Hertfordshire, UK

Bridget Wilkins attended art school and trained in architecture, before being one of the first cohort of students in the new radical course in Art History at University of East Anglia, where 20th century architecture was taught by Reyner Banham. Bridget taught at various art schools including the Central School and Hornsey School of Art. She was a pioneer in developing a methodology for Design History and the formulation of first MA History of Design at Middlesex Polytechnic (now Middlesex University). She has a special interest in graphic design history, oral history and design journalism. Published in many design and craft journal, she is currently a Research Fellow at University of the West of England, and at Central St Martin’s, University of the Arts London, supervising practice based PhDs. She also continues with freelance research and writing.

10 January 2008
[Wilkins Track 1]
[Wilkins Track 2]
[Wilkins Track 3]
[Wilkins Track 4] with audio extract about the relationship of design history to the Art History Association, and the discipline of art history in the mid-1970s.
[Wilkins Track 5] with audio extract about the formation of the Design History Society, the supervision of the first design history PhD students, and the development of the first MA in design history at Middlesex University (formerly Middlesex Polytechnic, formerly Hornsey School of Art).

27 February 2008
[Wilkins Track 6] with audio extract about the intentions behind teaching design history, and how, as well as where, Bridget Wilkins gathered the first teaching materials for the MA History of Design course at Middlesex.
[Wilkins Track 7] with audio extract about the first students and teachers on the MA in History of Design course.
[Wilkins Track 8]
[Wilkins Track 9]

End of recording


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Wilkins, B. (1975) History of Design: Germany 1900-14. (Course Book). Milton Keynes: Open University Press.

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