[Aziz Cami]

Profession: Graphic Designer

Date of birth: 1 November 1950
Place of birth: Blackburn, Lancashire

Interviewer: Linda Sandino
Location of recording: Meeting Room at The Partners, Clerkenwell, London

Aziz Cami is Creative Chairman and one of the founders of The Partners (established in 1983, joining Y&R in 2000), a 50-strong brand design consultancy based in London. Aziz has over 30 years experience in design and corporate branding during which time he has overseen a wide range of creative projects, and is well known in particular for the distinctive and powerful identities he has created for leading luxury and premium sector brands such as Patek Philippe, Harrods, Asprey, De Beers LV, McLaren and Wedgwood. He is a leading figure in the design industry and was President of D&AD between 1992-1993. He has won over 140 creative awards including D&AD, DBA Design Effectiveness Awards, The Art Director’s Club of New York and Communication Arts. In 2005, Aziz was awarded an honorary doctorate of design from the University of Wolverhampton. In 2007 he became Global Creative Director for Kantar, WPP's research and consulting Group.

The audio extracts are taken from a seven and a half hour interview recorded over several weeks in 2005 in a meeting room at the Clerkenwell offices of The Partners. The interviewer was Linda Sandino. Occasionally in the background one can hear trains rumbling by on their way to and from Farringdon Station.

Please click on the numbered tracks in order to access a summary of the contents of the track. Where available, and with consent of the participant, tracks are accompanied by relevant images, and audio extracts, the contents of which are highlighted in the accompanying summary. Extracts have been selected by Linda Sandino. If you wish to listen to the complete interview please contact [viva] to make an appointment.

Images are reproduced by kind permission of Aziz Cami and The Partners.

11 May 2005
[Cami Track 1] with audio extract about his family and background
[Cami Track 2] with audio extract about early professional career and images of design work
[Cami Track 3] with audio extract about Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts, and the London College of Printing, on being a Mod, and graphic design c1970
[Cami Track 4]

6 June 2005
[Cami Track 5] with audio extract about The Who as a brand
[Cami Track 6] with audio extract about the significance of 1960s British cinema
[Cami Track 7] with audio extract on collecting

5 July 2005
[Cami Track 8]
[Cami Track 9]
[Cami Track 10]
[Cami Track 11]
[Cami Track 12] with audio extract about clients, and computers

6 October 2005
[Cami Track 13]
[Cami Track 14] with images of books for WPP
[Cami Track 15]

End of recording

Further Reading:
www.thepartners.co.uk/The_Partners.html Website of The Partners.

dandad.org/press/releases/commodity.pd article by Sheryl Garratt ‘The commodity of ideas – trading creativity’ on the D&AD awards which cites Aziz.

Short article from Design Week [03.05.07] by Aziz Cami about his inspirational art teacher at Beckenham Technical School in Bromley, Owen Frampton. Owen’s son is the musician Peter Frampton.

Beryl McAlhone and David Stuart, (1998) A Smile in the Mind:
An Exploration of Humour, Irony and Playfulness in Graphic Design,
London: Phaidon