[Alex Maranzano]

Profession: Graphic Designer,

Date of Birth: 27 November 1943
Place of Birth: Vittel, France

Interviewer: Linda Sandino
Location: Minale Tattersfield Meeting Room, Richmond, Surrey

Images: Images are reproduced by kind permission
of A. Maranzano and Minale Tattersfield.

Alex Maranzano is Chairman of Minale Tattersfield and Partners, an international design company. Alex studied Lettering at Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts, as it was then called, in the early 1960s, going on to study Graphic Design at the Royal College of Art, before joining Minale Tattersfield in 1968. He is a Fellow of the Chartered Society of Designers, a member and past executive committee member of the Designers & Art Directors Association. He has also been a DBA [Design Business Association] committee member for Graphic Design.

Please click on the numbered tracks in order to access a summary of the contents of the track. Where available, and with consent of the participant, tracks are accompanied by relevant images, and audio extracts, the contents of which are highlighted in the accompanying summary. The extracts, selected by Linda Sandino, are taken from the completed ten-hour recording, conducted over several weeks as indicated by the dates. More than one track was recorded in each session. If you wish to listen to the complete interview please contact [viva] to make an appointment.

All the interviews took place in a meeting room at the Minale Tattersfield design offices in Richmond, Surrey, UK, in 2005. The interviewer was Linda Sandino, who is responsible for selecting the extracts with the consent of Alex Maranzano.

9 May 2005
[Maranzano Track 1] with audio extract about family background.
[Maranzano Track 2]
[Maranzano Track 3]
[Maranzano Track 4].

16 May 2005
[Maranzano Track 5]
[Maranzano Track 6] with images of student lettering projects at Camberwell.
[Maranzano Track 7] with audio extract about time on a work placement at an advertising agency.
[Maranzano Track 8] with audio extracts about working at Artwise in the early 1960s; and about Herbert Spencer.

23 May 2005
[Maranzano Track 9] with audio extracts and image about becoming aware of, and job offer from Minale Tattersfield.
[Maranzano Track 10] with audio extract about Marcello Minale; images of Milton Keynes poster, and Dover Port Authority logo.
[Maranzano Track 11] with image of British Gas logo.

6 June 2005
[Maranzano Track 12] with audio extracts about Minale Tattersfield; image of Central TV logo, and House Fraser logo.
[Maranzano Track 13]
[Maranzano Track 14] with audio extract and image about Modernizing Government logo, and images of Premier League, Bluewater logos.

13 June 2005
[Maranzano Track 15] with audio extract and image about Northern Foods campaign c.1973, and image of Cubic Metre logo.
[Maranzano Track 16] with image of Eurostar logo.
[Maranzano Track 17]
[Maranzano Track 18].

27 June 2005
[Maranzano Track 19]
[Maranzano Track 20]
[Maranzano Track 21] final recording.

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