[Adrian Forty]


Photo by Francesca Forty
Photo by Francesca Forty

Profession: Architectural Historian

Date of birth: 7 March 1948
Place of birth: Oxford, UK

Interviewer: Harriet Atkinson
Location of recording: Adrian Forty’s office at The Bartlett, UCL.

Adrian Forty is Professor of Architectural History at the Bartlett, UCL (University College London). He was educated at the Universities of Oxford (BA Modern History) and London (Courtauld Institute of Art, MA Art History; UCL Ph.D Architecture). He has written both on design, with his seminal Objects of Desire (1986), and on architecture, with Words and Buildings: A Vocabulary of Modern Architecture (2000). As well as a variety of essays and articles on diverse architectural topics, he co-edited The Art of Forgetting (1999) with Suzanne Kuechler and Brazil’s Modern Architecture (2004) with Elisabetta Andreoli. Presently, he is engaged on a world-wide study of the relationship between concrete and culture in the twentieth century.

Extracts have been selected by Juliette Kristensen with the consent of Adrian Forty.

Tuesday 11 December 2007
[Forty Track 1]
[Forty Track 2] with audio extract about the design of the childhood home in the 1950s.
[Forty Track 3] with audio extract about studying at the Courtauld, and his studies of design history in relation to art history.
[Forty Track 4]

Thursday 3 January 2008
[Forty Track 5]
[Forty Track 6]
[Forty Track 7]
[Forty Track 8]
[Forty Track 9] with audio extract about writing Objects of Desire whilst living in a shared house in Notting Hill with a number of feminist intellectuals, and how feminism informed the intellectual framework of the subject.
[Forty Track 10] with audio extract about publishing Objects of Desire, and how design history relates to his current approach as an architectural historian.
[Forty Track 11]

Friday 18 January 2008
[Forty Track 12]
[Forty Track 13]
[Forty Track 14] with audio extract about how his background has influenced his work, and how the disciplines of art, architectural and design history have variously interacted with his intellectual trajectory.
[Forty Track 15] with audio extract about the future of the disciplines of architectural and design history, and the differences between teaching the discipline in an art history department and an architectural school.

End of recording

Adrian Forty Publications


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